New York Show

The play was really quite wonderful; imaginatively conceived, powerfully delivered and socially relevant. I am really so happy that I caught it. I'd really like to see you continue and pursue the effort of bringing traditional epics and "grand stories" forward into our contemporary space (intellectually and literally). I think it's so timely and relevant. These wisdom and human continuities that are so eloquently and timelessly embodied in myths are being lost at an astonishing rate in the modern psyche. I will definitely be mentioning "Draupadi" in my presentation as exemplary of this need made manifest by a noted contemporary artist and how you effectively illustrate the universality and contemporary relevance of these great stories.

Maureen Drdak,
Contemporary fine artist and Fulbright Scholar

I was very fortunate to watch the Opening night performance of Draupadi in New York this March. In the US., as indeed in most parts of the world, where women have been victimized through the ages, this play not only portrayed their plight, but also offered a possible solution. This ancient  Indian  tale  giving the spirit of Draupadi a modern significance was both relevant and pertinent in today's world. The play was so well produced, directed and acted  that the  audience was kept mesmerized  through out the well paced  production. While the entire cast of actors kept us enthralled, Shivani Wazir, in the title role gave a brilliant performance, dramatic tough electrifying.

Lekha Rai
Former foreign correspondent for Washington Post

The question was raised during the Q and A session, how did we the American audience react to the play? I found the play engaging, relevant and stirring, a mirror and reminder of the necessity of our own internal process. For me Maya's catharsis and metamorphosis would not have been possible without passionately engaging with Draupadi and the fire of her anger. It was an important reminder to acknowledge the internal fire, to own it and then to redirect it to the highest potential. 
The cast, the rendition and direction were excellent.

Dorathea Thompson
Integrative Psychoanalyst

 Congratulations to everyone! We were discussing the play on the way home, and although I loved the way that both women resolved their anger and hurt, I was a bit disturbed that Kaurav did not resolve his issues—either on stage, or personally—so that no progress was seen on the existing male social customs—unless the lawsuit actually did go through and peace between the brothers was restored—or would that sort of an ending been too “American”?  Lots to think about, and the women were SO beautiful.

Mira Nakashima
Designer, George Nakashima Woodwork Studios

We were overwhelmed with the production, we loved every minute of it, lots of strong acting and a very meaningful theme.

Linda Silverman
of All Women’s Medical Office

My family and I enjoyed the unique interpretation of the role of Draupadi that you evoked and the contemporary relevance that you were able to imbue to the character that resonates with us even today. Very well done indeed.

Ranjan Lal

 A truly amazing show.

Samir J. Banerjee
Law Office of Suneeta Dewan

Draupadi is a show to be watched and lauded – such artistic confrontations of social plagues need only be encouraged. One of the play’s greatest strengths is in its talented and accomplished cast

Pulkit Dutta

You should see this play one day. I am not sure it will come back to USA in a near future or not . But if it comes please don't miss it. Or try to see it in other countries

Jose Pinto Stephen

Delhi show
I much enjoyed seeing the play in the spring in Delhi and I’m keen to see if we can find a way to help you to take it to the UK.
Sir Richard Stagg
The High Commissioner of Great Britain
I wanted so much for you to know that I thought the play was outstanding, your performance riveting, your co-actors superb, and the concept, set designs, costume, music – all exceptional.  Please accept my affectionate and sincere compliments and congratulations.  Believe me; I have most energetically spread the word. 
Maharani Gayatri Devi of Kapurthala
Thanks.  Meaningful play you all acted so well!! Enjoyed
Dinesh Trivedi
Hon’ble Minister of State for Health
Hi Shivani, thank you so much for the invites to the play.  Three of us were there for the play including the Ambassador of Jordan.  I had no idea that you were a theatre artist! Play was brilliant in its objective and everybody acted well.  Take care.
Pallam Raju,
Hon'ble Minister of State for Defence.
Excellent production.Very different but sensitive presentation.And your own performance was so powerful.Congrats.
Virender Gupta
Director General, ICCR
Very enjoyable and engrossing play yesterday, with some powerful performances, Good Luck.
Ajit Gupte
Deputy Director General, I.C.C.R
Maya's spirit will live on. Congrats, enjoyed the play. Radhe Radhe.
Vir Munshi
Excellent. I really enjoyed the play yesterday. Thank you for the invitation.
Sudip Roy
Just thinking of Draupadi gives me strength .I think an interesting work shall come out. One work is going to be yours as a present. The energy without seeing it is already tremendous.
Remen Chopra
My dear what a wonderful play. We need more girls like you around. The social message was wonderful and so is the charity all will go a long way in changing the situation of women today. My heartfelt congrats and love.
Simar Duggal
I am writing to congratulate you on your stupendous performance as Draupadi and the manner in which the script depicted her. Happened to see it yesterday.
Manish Kumar
Head of Press Operations of the Common Wealth Games 2010
Dearest Shivani, you were magical, mystical, vibrating with energy and zeal. WoooooW. Forget Bollywood..Hollywood here comes our very own SHIVANI.What an honour to have seen this intense, profound, meaningful play.and how much you are doing in such a variety of spheres ...GOD BLESS YOU.
Neeva Jain
Journalist & TV Presenter
The world perfection and "Zid" were made for a reason. And you gave a meaning to these words. Many congratulations. All the best congrats and you will rock.
Ajay Jain
My compliments and best wishes to you and your team for the wonderful performance. I look forward to see your next creation.
Akash Khanna
Shivani warmest congratulations for a wonderful production. Truly well done. You were fabulous. I felt the script can be meatier. Hats off to you. I know what it takes to pull of a show like this.
Vivek Mansukhani
Actor, Director, Producer
Thank you, we saw the play opening night, and enjoyed it!
Sushma Seth
Dearest Shivani, I came and saw your play twice. Each time my heart soared with pride. Your talent and that you touched on the topic which society seems to ignore. You were just excellent! Wish you success in everything that you do.
Amita Maini
Saw your play today, really enjoyed it. I wish it was longer. You looked soooo beautiful. And dance was the highlight. Thank you sooo much. Warmest regards.
Mohana Malhotra
Congrats! Excellent work done,very energetic performance, lots of love and good wishes.
Vandana Chaudhary
Saw the play this evening It was just superb . An amazing performance by you !Congrats! Thanks .Thoroughly enjoyed it and another thing you looked stunning!
Vandana Malhotra
Teacher, The Study School
Quite impressed by how the message came across using the character of Draupadi as the protagonist. Shivani, Krishnan and Maya, BRILLIANT!
Renuka Menon
Brave super woman. Love you.
Joyti Wazir
Fantastic performance Shivani .you are extremely talented .wish you all the best for your future projects . take care.
Vernaz Bharti Mittal
My my my what can I say.Is someone talented and how.amazing acting, you looked hot and what a dancer. Love the subject. Real,& so true. Glad we came and honoured we know you.
Meeta, Vik and Aneesha
Was really proud and happy to see your name flash on the electronic screen outside Kamani. Great job..Cheers!.
Namita Chibba
Thank you what a play. Shivani is truly talented. She has all in one, actor, dancer, orator, mother, wife, daughter, sister, Lawyer. God bless her.
Geeta Nanda
Jewellery Designer
You are unreal.brilliant performance.
Deepak Bagla
You are too good. I just saw your play. Congrats.
Purrshottam Bhaggeria
Hey, you were fabulous. I could hear Draupadi even in your announcements.
Promila Bhari
Very nice. Really enjoyed the play! Love.
Vasvi Bharatram
Hi Shivani, saw the play yesterday, very impressive indeed. All the actors were excellent. You did complete justice to your role. Looking forward to meeting you soon.
Coordinator of the Mozart Children Choir
You are just wonderful! Wonderful play, wonderful acting, simple and meaningful.
Chhaya Sriram
Well done.Taking the play to Mumbai?
Krishna Sriram
The play was too good we saw it last night.very intense and well acted.thanks dear and all our good wishes for the great success.
Archana Luthra
Dear Shivani, Great! Congratulations. With my warmest regards to the whole team.
Volker Bauer
Beautiful power packed performances. Your dance was amazing too. Congratulations.
Taran & Daman
Congratulations, very impressive performance!
Ina Puri
You have a really good presence. I am going to read more about this mysterious Draupadi!
Actor, Producer, Singer
I want to thank you for giving me the opportunity to see the brilliant 'Draupadi'. It touched me deeply. What a great performance art work, excellent script and production. I feel like seeing it again and again. Thanking you once again.
Shobha Arora
How wise you are in your talent and youth! Felicitations.
Aman Nath
Restorer of heritage buildings
Stupendous! You rock. I had a grand time. Thank you.
Mukesh Panika
Religare Arts Initiative
Many thanks for the opportunity to watch such a beautiful play. You were wonderful.
Sanjay Lal
Delhi Times
Mumbai Show
Really enjoyed the show. Shivani, you were brilliant. All the best for your future shows.
Kavita Malkani, Air India
Congratulations on the success of the play yesterday. Our clients liked it a lot and we have received good feedback from them.
Deepak, Citibank
We are glad we made the effort to come because we really enjoyed it. It is well written and very well enacted by the entire cast. We wish Shivani and her team great success.
Yash and Pam Chopra
Yash Raj Films